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Managing Pain

First of all, I must apologize for taking so long to blog. Sometimes life gets in the way, LOL.  March 22, the cancer pain returned with fury. I called to get into the oncologist, and could not get an appointment to see him for a week. In the meantime the pain levels were not going down, so had to go to the ER for intervention. They gave me some relief and sent me home with a stronger prescription to manage the pain until I could get in to see the oncologist. The CEA levels were still fairly low, 58, so we are managing pain until we see him again in May. When chemo starts again, he is going to try a new protocol. More info on that to come.


This is one of my faves. A female Phainopepla

We have done several bird photographing trips, which I have posted on Facebook. Have gotten some fabulous shots and have plenty of reference photos to start a whole new round of paintings and drawings. In the meantime, I have still been working on Christmas Cards, gelli plate printing and have been working on metal embossing. You want to see photos?!?!?!? Ok, here are some photos!!!


Gelli Prints with old family photos attached. Turned them into greeting cards and sent to family members.


These will show up a lot better when I get some patina on them. They will make great book cover material!

Finally I will leave you with a few images from Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

If you build it……..they will come!


Comments on: "Managing Pain" (8)

  1. Yvonne said:

    Keep building it 😙

  2. I love your book cover material! And the beautiful bird pics. I am sorry to hear about your pain and that you needed the ER. I pray you find relief until you see your doctor. I haven’t mentioned this before but I was an oncology nurse and they did oncology clinical trials mostly for Amgen. Have you considered a clinical trial? They often offer protocols that reflect the most recent scientific research into cancer. I’ve seen some remarkable results in Phase 1 trials. You can view them at I am sure you researched everything. Also, you can try finding an acupuncturist who is trained in treating cancer pain. I go to one that completed full training and certification at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Oncologists are not all on board with complimentary/alternative treatments. Healing and comfort prayers being sent to you.

  3. May God pour His Grace on you, Arlene. A prayer for His Love and healing…

  4. Gorgeous work, Arlene. :0) Glad to see you getting out and about and getting some great bird shots. As usual, I’m pretty jealous! The parks and the trails are calling to me and I’m so wanting to go out on a photoshoot. (In time.) About that pain- boy do I ever understand. I remember the days of crushing migraines that would last for 3 and 4 days- nonstop- and make me literally pray for death. I’ve never been one to be like that, but some levels of pain will make that seem like a welcome relief, and I was just shot with pain- year after year. My quality of life had gotten so bad; I lost so much hope. All of that to say, thank God for my own medicinal pain regimen that I began. We have to do what we have to do- period. Now my life is pain free and things are at least “doable”.

    I pray that the doctors will give you the right medicines for you. But again, if it’s any consolation- I certainly do understand. Good for you for marching on regardless. (Big smile and a tear in my eye. ;0) x

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