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Got the Lab results last Wed, the CEA count is back up a little to 37. After visiting with the oncologist today, he is not really alarmed. We were hoping for under 10, so I am a little disappointed. However it will be what will be – so no point in borrowing trouble. We will just hope it stays in this range for a while. We have appointments for May to get blood-work  and see the good Dr. again. In the meantime will be putting one foot in front of the other and getting some bird watching and art done in between sneezing from the seasonal allergies. It has been so warm this winter, the plants are convinced it is spring and they are springing with a vengence!

FeaatherworkToday’s art exploration is: learning to wrap feathers with sinew to attach to the dreamcatchers. Sinew is now made with polyester and is heavily waxed, so no disgusting animal parts, LOL. Glad to live in the present hi tech world. The top feather is wrapped, then a silver cone bead was added…..the middle is plain sinew wrapping…and the bottom is wrapped with a copper cone bead added. I am sure my wrapping will get better as I go, since there are so many feathers on one dreamcatcher. Stay tuned….dreamcatcher coming!!!

cards1Have to post the current Christmas card update….no I have not forgotten, and have kept up with the monthly quota. I have a total of 15 now! Wish the glitter showed up better in the photos, they do not look quite the same without it. Everything looks better with some bling!

Good luck with changing your clocks! We are so blessed to live in Arizona where we do not go through the “daylight savings change your clock twice a year.” That does not keep us from being confused about what time it is where you live though. So we do have sympathy pains with the whole “daylight savings” phenomena. The parrots all think clocks are for chewing on, so that is a good thing to them. The cats, as usual, are indifferent to the whole “time” concept. They only care about “meal time” because to them the rest of the time is “nap time.” Speaking of nap time, that sounds like a great idea……zzzz…..’til next time….zzzzzz.


Comments on: "Put one Foot in Front of the Other Foot…" (8)

  1. Happy Anniversary! And, Happy bird watching. They certainly are busy around here these days. The CEA count WILL further decline soon!

  2. Vickie Byrne said:

    Thank you Arlene for sharing you God-given artistic talents with us. I hung your beautiful hand painted Christmas ornament (that I won in the family reunion auction) this past year and it had the best spot on the tree. I’m so tickled to have it.

    I think of you so often, and continue to pray for your healing and for you and your family. Love always!

  3. Vickie Byrne said:

    Arlene, thank you for sharing your God-given artistic talents with us.

    I hung your beautiful hand-painted Christmas ornament (that I won in the family reunion auction) and it had the best spot on the Christmas tree. It will always be one of my most valued Christmas ornaments. I think of you so very often and pray for your healing; and for your family. Love always, Vickie

  4. Hi Arlene. So good to know that your spirit is soaring along with your gorgeous art work. I’m ever-so-jealous of your state (Arizona)- I’ve never been there, but have wanted to live there most of my life. Since I was a teenager, I’ve envisioned myself in the Arizona desert, amidst the cacti and arid climate and have no doubt that someday, I’ll be able to migrate. Lucky you! I’m sorry to hear about your count being higher than you’d like it to be, but much can be said for your determination, perseverance, iron will, and positive outlook (and inlook, at that). You’re a constant inspiration- and not because you’re a survivor, but just because of who you are.

    I learned something from you today: the term “borrowing trouble”. I’ve never heard of that and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Love it. It tells me that when we “borrow trouble” we have to pay with interest, eh? And we have to pay back way more than we borrow…

    Life lessons. 🙂 Thanks for that. Keep up your awesome art, and thanks for sharing it! x -Birgitta

    • You have had a challenging journey, and you continue to overcome and thrive! I have kept up on your blog, even though I haven’t had a lot of energy to comment. Still love your Black and White photos! Thanks so much for the comments, it helps to know that something on my journey resonates with someone else out there! It reminds me that we are not all alone, though sometimes it feels that way. So let’s soar together!

  5. Can hardly wait to see the dream catcher, Bert. Still your biggest fan. Signed, Bert.

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