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Whoooo Hoooo! The hair is starting to grow back, I can see the hairline where it is getting thicker! About 1/4 inch, but it is hair, and eyebrows are starting to sprout! Maybe even eyelashes! A few more weeks and hats will be optional! The new saying for the year will be, “Live with passion!”


2016 Colored Pencil on Strathmore Paper

Here is the new installment of Christmas Cards for this year, LOL, I know it is still eleven months away, but it will take time to make enough to accommodate my mailing list!!! With my tendency to get thrown off course, I hope to keep focused long enough to finish this project. I am the one who walks into the room, forgets why I am there and go back where I started to see if it will come back into the ole memory. If not start a new project, do some parrot or kitty therapy, take a photo…… where was I??????????




Comments on: "Hair is growing – Christmas Cards Progress" (4)

  1. Now I’m certain we’ve crossed paths in those same rooms! 😀 I especially like the poinsettia drawing. They used to grow way over my head and almost always remind me of happy Christmases. During this season (shedding prolifically) I say hair is over rated. Stay strong and rest up, Bert.

  2. LOL, hair is overrated unless you don’t have it. It is amazing how it keeps your head warm.

  3. Love the cards, especially the poinsettia!

  4. Thank you! If you want to be on my Christmas list, just email your mailing address to me at arlene.powers If you are already on the list, you will stay unless you ask to be taken off. If the list gets too long though, I will cry UNCLE, Have to be able to make enough cards, LOL!

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