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It was Jan 2015, then I blinked my eyes and it is 2016!!!! Where did 2015 go? This happens every year, but it seems like it happens faster each year! I know, I have been on this soap box before, but really how come time seems speeded up and when I was young, it seemed to drag on forever. All it takes is one art project and time goes into zen mode and I wake up a few days later with a completed project. Or it is chemo week, and I sleep the week away. LOL, I guess a lot of it went by while I was sleeping.

So this was the last chemo week for a while, the CEA count is down to 27 and we are praying really hard that it takes a big dive this month to get under 10. The hair is really in the baby grackle mode now, but in a few weeks it will start growing back. Speaking of hats, I was asked to post a few photos, so here they are, the latest style in chemo hats!

The kitty, parrot and wild bird therapy continues, and I feel a little better every day. We are planning a Texas visit the family trip the first week in Feb, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone! George got a Weber Smoker for Christmas, so we have been treated to pulled pork and smoked brisket over the last couple of weeks. The AZ Cardinals are in the NFL playoffs, so we have some exciting times coming. Wishing you and yours a wonderful year to come!


Comments on: "Where Did 2015 go?" (4)

  1. Claudine callaway said:

    I remember when I was young Saturday’s and Sundays were the longest days. They almost seemed like two days each. Now they are shorter than my work days. I just turned 40 a few weeks ago and now in a couple months I will be 41. Hopefully soon I can come over and do a slumber party.I love you

    • Yes, let’s do a slumber party soon! I love you! Wait until you are in your 60’s, not that I am that old, still holding at 49, but the time jets by.

  2. Twenty seven and dropping is good, Bert! Green Bay’s still in the playoffs – great! And Bert, I like Deb’s blue bonnet best. Hair’s over rated and takes time from your art. Rock those caps, Bert!

    Love always,
    Go Packs!

  3. Dropping is always better than nothing! I will be rocking the caps for a few months!!!! Stay tuned for my next blog, I am starting a new art project! hugs at you Bert!!!!!!!

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