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Happy New Year!

Christmas With Family

Christmas With Family

Hope you have a purr-rect New Year, which brings you love, family, prosperity and lots of good stuff! As I reflect on 2015, I am grateful for my family and friends. It was a little difficult, but family and friends always came through, making it so much easier to get through two rounds of chemo, and one surgery. Family is healthy- art is flourishing,-and the parrots and kitties are all well, happy, and continuing with therapy. So the hair is almost gone, I am sporting the “baby grackle” look again, but it is a great time for hats. You never realize how your hair keeps your head warm until it is gone. Hooray for hats!!!

Here’s to 2016, the best year ever!!!!!


Comments on: "Happy New Year!" (5)

  1. Hey Bert! That’s a terrific photo. You’re always so very clever and creative. Probably why I like knowing you, Bert. I love you, Bert. Be blessed and keep praying it forward! Happy New Year to all y’alls!

  2. Happy new year! Praying for your continued strength and the ability to see the silver lining woven through all that things in your life.

  3. Happy New Year. May you be blessed with loving family and friends and ever improving health. Post pictures of you in your hats!!

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