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This week, I had to say UNCLE and get the chemo treatments moved up, instead of waiting until September. The pain and nausea are back. So I do not pass “GO”, do not get to collect a trip to Hawaii, and have to go to chemo jail. My awesome friends are going to throw a “picture” reception after the kids get back from the wedding, so that George and I can see all the photos and videos and hear all the stories from the wedding!

The Trip to Texas to see family is postponed again, but the weather will be better in spring anyway.

The flock is happy that I am not going away for ten days, even though, they do not like for me to be nauseous. So here we gooooooo! The next battle starts!


Comments on: "The Next Battle Starts…." (1)

  1. I was praying for better news. A trip to Hawaii or Texas would be nice, but I would prefer that you feel better. Here’s a (((BIG HUG))) & love from me.

    You were my first clown mentor and then my special seamstress. And so many gifts and talents beyond those. Still a friend, though not in touch much. I always appreciate you!

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