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BuglingGot the word today, Friday’s CEA count was 92.1, about doubled from last month.  Scheduling chemo the end of this month, so we are trying to get the trip to Hawaii for my daughter’s wedding in before chemo, if the pain levels stay down. Also, if they stay down, will get to Texas to visit family for a few days after we get back. Next blood work scheduled for Aug 21, then Oncologist Appointment scheduled Aug 31.

At least I did get in one kayak trip down the Salt River. We usually kayak a couple of times during the summer. This was one of the most amazing trips. We saw 4 herds of wild horses. One group had babies and were on both sides of the river. It was just awesome to hear them calling each other back and forth across the river. We saw a bobcat, raven nest, beaver lodge and many bird species, including cardinals, vermillion flycatchers, peregrine falcon, great blue herons, green herons, egrets, red winged blackbirds and others I am forgetting to name. This trip was just balm to the soul getting ready to go back into chemo. I will hold those memories close until we can get back out to the river again.

No art to post this week, arthritis has restricted the use of my right thumb and forefinger, so will get back to it, as soon as the pain and swelling recede. In the meantime, have tons of photos to work on in photoshop and will get more ready to post as I have energy. SO enjoy a couple of my favorites taken in Rocky Mountain Park, Co.


Comments on: "CEA Count Rising…..Take Me To the River" (4)

  1. nancy said:

    Sounds beautiful. Much love to you!

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