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Happy mothers day to all of you Mom’s! Especially to my own Mother, who has been so loving and supportive. It is a beautiful day here in AZ. EagleDCfI think spring is hiding here for an extended period. It has been in the high 70’s all weekend, and we are loving it here in the Phoenix metro area. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! I have heard some people have pulled their jackets out, but I have been sitting outside watching the birds – just enjoying it. Hubby got me a red fountain for Mother’s Day, so we are just waiting for the first hummingbird to check it out.

The second of the Dream Catcher series is done, the Eagle Dream Catcher. I felt better, so got to the store and got beads for it. Am loving it so far.

Post surgery healing is speeding along. One more week to drive, and four more weeks of no heavy lifting. The pain has gone down to sore muscles and little or no pain meds are needed. Loki is offended because I am not picking her up. The instructions were, “Do not pick up anything larger than a quart of milk for six weeks.” Loki is a little larger than a quart of milk, LOL. I was thinking of taking the chance, then heard about friends who have had hernias because they did not follow the Dr’s instructions, so have decided to try to take it easy, and make up with Loki when I can pick her up consistently. If you hear macaw screaming out your way, it is just a spoiled bird waiting to be picked up. No worries. You might want to get some ear plugs though.


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you also! Your whole family surrounds you with support. Your many friends applaud your good news and pray for you. Loki and your other furry & feathered friends may not understand, but they are your support and healers also. God is good!

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