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The Last One!!

The Last One!!

Whooo hoooo! Chemo Over! The last treatment pretty well did me in. Last week I was feeling “Happy Crappy”…..our new phrase for the time you are happy it is over, but feel too crappy to celebrate yet. The mouth sores finally made an appearance after 23 weeks of being told, I would probably get them. The nausea lasted until Monday. Yesterday, the nausea pretty much disappeared, so am left a little tired, but recovering rapidly now. The awful taste in my mouth is SLOWLY disappearing and I even have a little bit of energy. This too will pass, as every day is a little better and soon will be back to the REAL normal – not the NEW normal!!! Of course the tan will disappear, and I have to curb the eating habits, but hey, it is better than chemo! So next month is full of tests and appointments to get set for surgery sometime in April. Stay tuned for details.

The therapy kitties and parrots are all doing their jobs. Loki is getting very spoiled having me home all the time. She will not let me have a phone conversation without interrupting by yelling “Hello! Hello! Hello!” or screaming until I finally walk over and let her into the conversation. She knows – even if I am in the very back of the house, hiding in the closet – when I am on the phone. Her hearing is extraordinary.

Pastel Pencil on Black Canson Board

Pastel Pencil on Black Canson Board

Yesterday, I finally had a enough energy to do some art therapy, so here is the Fox almost done….Oh no there goes the phone…….Ok Loki, just a minute and you can say hello……where are my earplugs?


Comments on: "You Know – Last Chemo….Foxy Progress" (13)

  1. They had me suck ice to prevent mouth sores. It worked. Wishing you the best on your surgery, etc.

  2. j.hammonds said:

    Arlene, we have much in common, not the least of which is sharing our homes with a critter named Loki (mine is a cat). That’s a beautiful little fox sketch! Art makes the soul sing, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing your journey here, and for following my blog. I really appreciate the encouragement to keep writing, and want you to do the same!

    • Yes, we do, just think it is the internet which makes this all possible. The world just gets smaller every day, LOL. Thank you, yes art does make the should sing and is GREAT therapy. I will be watching your blog!

  3. Margaret said:

    I love you Arleenie!!!! You are my inspiration!

  4. You look so strong Arlene! Way to go girl 🙂

  5. I wish you well, i will pray for you.

  6. So glad to hear the chemo is done. You’ve been a real inspiration, such a trooper. I’m not allowed to talk on the phone either; spoiled parrots!

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