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Chickadees almost done! Pastel Pencil on Ingres.

Chickadees – Pastel Pencil on Ingres.

This has been a good resting week. As it moves along at the speed of light, I am feeling energized and ready for next week. Especially since there is a BIG light at the end of the tunnel.

The chickadees are almost done, I just have to do some color adjusting on the second one, so that they will look good together in a frame, and do the shading at the outer edges. These guys are just so cute, they have been fun to work on.

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun, happy weekend!


Comments on: "Quick Update – Chickadees Almost Done!" (6)

  1. Whoa! You are not only talented…. but quick! Look at all of that incredible energy that you have. Bravo!

  2. I*’m so glad you’re able to see that at the end of the tunnel, Arlene. :0) The chickadees look wonderful! And i love the details in the branch. I’m wishing you many (more) sales in the future! x

  3. I don’t know how you do it! Me, seems like often I have good intentions, sometimes followed by good ideas, then maybe I get what I need and … quite some time later I look at a pile of those and wonder what happened. I applaud you and your beautiful artwork!

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