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Sunny 2- Colored Pencil on Multi media board

Sunny 2- Colored Pencil on Multi media board

Sunny is almost done! I will post several progress photos, so you can see the process. Also on the semi final, I am cropping so you con see the whole board(18″x24″), which I will cut down to 16″x20″ so the background using Zest-it, will be more obvious. Feel free to comment or ask questions, this is an experiment! I am liking it, so am going to do another one (Charlie), using more of the Zest-it technique. For those of you who have recently started following the blog, I have four parrots, so cannot use any smelly solvents. Zest-it is one which is citrus based and doesn’t give off obnoxious, dangerous fumes.

Sunny 3 - Progress

Sunny 3 – Progress

So just when we thought we had figured out the chemo thing a new side effect rears its head. It is called Chemo Burn. The bad side of this is the mouth and intestinal lining feels like it has been burned. Luckily they make a wonderful compounded mouthwash that helps immensely. So you are probably wondering what the good side is. I have an awesome looking tan. The palms and bottom of my feet look stained like I had a fake tan done, LOL. But the rest of me looks totally tanned, like I have been to the tanning booth, even though I haven’t and have not been outside much. I should look pasty white, LOL. Just to show you, there is always a silver lining!

Almost Done!

Almost Done!

And here is the “almost done” Sunny (Don’t forget to click for a larger view)……..Got to go to chemo for this week, so I will probably sleep ’til Friday, so I am wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas, and hopefully will be awake in time to blog for the New year. Thanks so much to all of you for the prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts!


Comments on: "Sunny progress….new chemo side effects" (10)

  1. Sunny is absolutely beautiful, Arlene. And they should have warned you about that chemo burn. Chemo affects all of your healthy cells too, unfortunately, but it mostly targets the bad ones. (former oncology RN) Hope you are feeling as good as your post sounds. Thank goodness for something as simple as that compounded mouthwash. Enjoy your tan!!

    • Thank you. It wasn’t listed in the side effects in all of the stuff they gave me to read, but there is so much to read, I might have just missed it. LOL, anyway back to my nap…..enjoying the tan.

  2. Jennifer Melton said:


  3. Sunny the picture looks amazing! I bet Sunny the bird agrees. 🙂
    So sorry about the new side effects.

  4. I love that you keep such a positive attitude. I know it’s not always easy. And well, you gotta love the free tan, eh? Heheh… hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Arlene. Your bird is gorgeous!

  5. you really capture her personality I think. Lovely picture!

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