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Just another day in Chemo.

Just another day in Chemo.

Six chemo treatments down, six to go! Whooo Hoooo…halfway through the war. One battle at a time. Here is a picture of my husband, George, who has been there every step of the way. He is modeling the chemo treatment chair. They give us a pillow, a warm blanket and life saving drugs.(Even though you feel crappy or sleep for the next week, LOL.) They are warm, caring, helpful, and good listeners. I am so Thankful for my medical team!

Gypsy Scarf

Gypsy Scarf

Ok, you asked for it, you got it, I am posting some photos of the chemo hats. At least I still have some bangs, but the rest of the hair is getting VERY thin. The guys are waiting on pins and



needles to see if they are going to have to shave their heads. Maybe I can glue the bangs on my head……wait…..maybe I should save all the hair when it falls out, and I can attach it to one of the hats, LOL! Ok this is enough of the hats, I will post some more of them next time.

Now to the newest art project! This one is exciting for me, since I have not worked with colored pencils for a long time. Being on a roll with the black paper, I decided to do a

very colorful parrot on black. SO of course, my own little Sunny is modeling for this one. With black paper, I have to do a grissaille first to allow color to develop. The marks in the border are tests to see how the different white pencils act, and



how the color shows on the white. Colored pencil work is very time consuming and must not be rushed. It takes many layers to fully cover the paper and give it a finished look. Caution, these are not your mama’s colored pencils, LOL!


Comments on: "Half Way, Hats, and Sun Conures." (10)

  1. I love the hats! You are a champion!!! Full Steam Ahead!!! Your precious Sunny is looking beautiful.. !! Attitude is everything and you have the best one ever! Call you tomorrow…. Margaret

  2. Amazing – the patience God gave you! Beautiful art and a long road with signs of progress! Thanks for being my friend.

  3. Great hats and congrats on the halfway point.

  4. Wow! Your work is gorgeous.
    Your hats are great, too. 🙂

  5. Love the hats… the blue one is my favorite. The parrot is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it finished. So glad you’re halfway through (with the chemo, not the parrot). Sure hope it does the trick. One of these days, when you get better I’m going to drive up and see you. We’ll have a field day with our cameras. (I am jealous of your 600mm, you know, but I’ll try to get over it.) I’ll bring my wide angle, 10-22, and we can zoom in with the 600 and out with the 10-22. Won’t we have fun! Love you, Sis!

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