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Nom Nom Nom!

The Monarch Caterpillar is still nomming on the Desert Milkweed flowers. He is getting pretty big, not too much longer! Hope he makes it before a freeze, or we will have to put a light out with the plant blanket to keep him from freezing. We actually moved him to a bigger plant because he was running out of flowers. It is amazing watching these guys! Can’t wait for the butterfly! I posted some other shots of him on FB a couple of days ago.

Are you lookin' at me?

Are you lookin’ at me?

The raven is done, de done, done. Oh you want to see the drawing, of course you do. Let’s see where did I put that file, hopefully somewhere the cats can’t find it.  Oh yes, I remember now. Hope you enjoy!  So I am thinking a colored pencil or pastel on black paper for my next project.

Another birthday gone by. My wonderful family made dinner on Sunday, since they knew I had chemo on Monday. We had a very nice dinner with cake and presents. I now have a collection of hats to wear with my thinning hair. Beanies, Beret Beanies, Slouch Beanies, and a couple of scarves. My head will be among the best dressed this winter. Also some nice warm jammies with nice warm house boots. No chance of getting cold this year! Also another cat added to the household, luckily this one is ornamental and does not need feeding and affection, it was a gift from friends who went to the Tempe Art Fair.  It was nice to go into chemo after such a nice day. Had a rough time Monday evening, lots of nausea and filling up a couple of barf bags. Am feeling so much better today. You had better believe all through the nausea, I was saying….it is worth it, it is working! It IS worth it, it IS working. We are halfway through, only six more treatments to go!

Stay tuned, you never know what is going to happen around here!


Comments on: "Caterpillars, Ravens, and Birthdays" (8)

  1. Love Monarchs, Ravens, and Arlene! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Arlene. Love Love the Raven. And power to those monarchs, they need all the help they can get. Stay warm and post some pics of your “beanies”.

  3. Oh Arlene, I’m so sorry to hear about the barf buckets! Nausea can be brutal! We do share that- except mine is just there naturally much of the time. It’s great to see you in such fine spirits (after going through hell) and that your family showed you such a great time. :0) And yes, your head is getting the fine treatment, eh? Fancy stuff! You’re sounding terrific. Happy late birthday to you and good for you for resting in the eye of the hurricane. x

    • Thanks goodness, the barf buckets seem to be gone, they put some extra meds in todays treatment, and I am feeling much better. Thank you. Back to sleep until Friday!

  4. Happy birthday!
    Your raven is gorgeous. 🙂

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