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SO resting week started with a migraine, which has now has subsided thanks to modern medicine, luckily, there is some progress on the raven drawing.

What is is it about cloudy days that make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book and just veg. It has been cloudy a total of two days and seems so gloomy that the couch/book idea with a nice blanket, fire, and a warm cup of cocoa sounds awesome. I have access to a ton of new books on my iPad since hubby signed me up for Scribd! Yes, I know it is in the 70’s, but in Az that is downright sweater weather! When this blog is written, you will know where to find me! I am taking my cue from Rusty, he is vegging in his new heated cat bed.

For some reason lately, I have been thinking a lot about transitions. They seem to be hard to handle as an artist and as a person. You would think, since we are almost continually in transition, we would be very good at handling them. As an artist, people rarely talk about transition, but it is one of the very important elements in a piece. How do you go from dark to light, from color to color, from line to line from shape to shape or even from texture to texture?

There are no spoiled cats in this house!

There are no spoiled cats in this house!

Each element of the art must transition and flow, leaving a path for the viewer’s eye. Focal point, shadows, and complementary colors are some of the ways I cope with transition in my art.  But in my own life, it seems like I am always behind in getting the transitions…one day I am healthy, the next day, I am a cancer survivor. Where was the transition? It took me weeks to accept the change, but only seconds for it to happen. Then more weeks for me to even realize what a big transition it is. Ok, so now we have a new normal….has it changed again while I was not looking?


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  1. I think Rusty’s got the right idea. :0) For me, the best lighting in which to shoot outside is cloudy- makes for gorgeous high dynamic ranges (HDR) so I look forward to the doom and gloom…heheh. One of my friends is a cancer survivor and she said that it was the best thing that could have happened to her. She too is an artist and it forced her to slow down. I learned a lot from her experience! I’m so sorry to hear about the migraine. Ugh. No words! I do hope you get to feeling better and I appreciate your take here on transitions. I have many various styles- B&W, adding texture into my pics- rendering some of them digital oils and then there’s the “purist photography” which is pretty much straight out of the camera. I guess I never really put too much thought into transitioning, but you’rte right. We’re always doing that. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! xo Love the bird. :0)

    • Loved your winter self portrait, of course I love your B&W’s too. Migraine gone, feeling better since it is resting week. Thanks!

  2. Arlene, I think your transitions on the raven look great! I hope your personal transitions are as spectacular.

    • Thank you! Working with white on black is a really fun challenge for me, it is almost like negative drawing, so when I do negative drawing on a white on black, is it positive?!?!?!

  3. I use white charcoal pencils – General makes a nice hard white, then the Euro Primo(also by General) is a nice soft white. There is also a set of Euro Primo sticks, but I rarely use them – even though I draw big. The min side is 16″x20″. I mix a little black in to get back my darks if I get too carried away. Blending is my best friend! The Euro Primos are very nice charcoals, their are no burrs in them, which I love. Have also done white colored pencils on black, using different brands to get lights and mediums, using the paper for the dark – Prisma Color, Derwent and Faber Castell.

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