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RavGot the Raven started last week, before chemo week. SO hope to make some good progress next week.

Great news on the cancer front. Monday before treatment we visited with the oncologist to find out that the cancer markers in the blood tests have dropped over 100 points in the last month. That means the chemo is working!!! SO we are going topper through the last 7 treatments, then see if surgery is necessary. Whooo Hooo! So went in Tues. AM for a CT scan, not expecting to hear anything until next week. The DR.’s office called in the afternoon to let us know that the numbers and sizes of tumors were significantly smaller…So this Thanksgiving we have SO much to be Thankful for. My wonderful family came together and cooked up a fabulous Thanksgiving feast on Sunday, since this is chemo week for me. We pretty much ate ’til we were comatose. Since this is chemo week, I am sleeping a lot, catch ya when I wake up!

In the meantime I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving, with much to be Thankful for, and lots of friends, family, ferries and featherheads to share it with! I am very Thankful for all of you!


Comments on: "Ravens and Thanksgiving" (9)

  1. Big hug ! For you! Xx ♥

  2. Big hug !For you! Xx ♥

  3. This is wonderful news!
    Your raven is gorgeous. 🙂

  4. Great news! And glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving, which is appropriate EVERY day. Love you. Judy

  5. Great news… And love the raven

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