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PotteryAHaving had a really good week last week, I made a lot of progress on the new charcoal on black paper. This is one of those pieces which has bugged me to get going with it, but I had so many other projects that needed to be done, that it kept slipping back in line. Think I took the ref photos a couple of years ago, intending to add this one to the “Hands” series which is on display at the Beatitudes until Dec 3. There is just something about black and white which makes me want to keep my hand in and do one or two a year in between the birdies! There are more hands coming, but I think it is bird time after this one, LOL.

SO hubby and I are noticing that it takes a little bit longer after each chemo treatment to recover from the fatigue. Had a little more nausea than usual, but am feeling well now, just very fatigued. Usually by the weekend, I have recovered and am ready to go. Well, four down and eight to go, so we are one third of the way, and may get a break during Dec if they decide to interrupt after chemo 6 to do surgery. The nice thing about chemo week, is that the kitties stay close and we have a lot of kitty therapy.


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  1. shakingwithnormality said:

    Love this, absolutely stunning

  2. I’m so glad you’re able to continue your art work, Arlene. While I enjoy your birds, I LOVE your B&W’s. (Well, go figure…heheh.) I’m so used to digital art these days that I saw your hands here,and wondered what program you’d used to get the fingers “half-done” look. Ha. Then after reading this I realized you actually drew it! (Duh…) You are such a talent! I hope you have continued success with the remaining upcoming chemo treatments. Your spirit continues to inspire and amaze me. You’re a blessing to many. :0) xo

    • You are not the only one glad….the first few weeks, I couldn’t even imagine doing any art, so it is a blessing to be able to do it again. Thank you so much, I really enjoy reading your blog, most of the time just too tired to comment, but I am there reading every word!

      • By all means, don’t ever feel like you have to comment! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never had chemo (or cancer) but was diagnosed with a 2 CM arachnoid cyst on my brain stem 2 years ago. Sometimes, the migraines (and nausea) I get are so bad, I can only lay in bed and cry for 3 days at a time- just feeling like I’m dying. I remember one of those days, I was suffering so badly, but couldn’t just lay there and focus on the pain any more, so I grabbed my laptop and checked out a few blog posts. I saw that you had been painting and was like, “Even Arlene is able to get up and paint!” (I was having a bout of self pity, I believe.) But I say all of that to say, I certainly do understand what it’s like to suffer (greatly). It really does bring so much more richness and joy to the good days!

        Another thing- when people know that you’re battling cancer and have such a love affair with life (as you do) and continue painting and really living your life and doing what you love to do- it’s such a powerful thing! It says, “You can too.” So, I do hope that you continue producing your beautiful art work and I hope you venture more into the B&W charcoals- I absolutely love the clean, simple, stripped down nature of it. It showcases your talent in a way that colour doesn’t. Hope you do more charcoal. 🙂

  3. I completely agree with monochromjunkie. Arlene, you have such an incredible talent in b&w charcoals. I also agree that this process showcases your talent, much more than others because it is raw and it demonstrates your understanding of the dark and light and how to make form through it. Please do many more charcoals, although I also love your birds. The hands are incredible… and the Spirit (Your Spirit) is flaming with light and the Can Do energy.

    My client Dr. Gladys McGarey, introduces Living Medicine. It is the concept that we treat our illnesses as only a part of our lives and our journeys. It’s about healing the WHOLE person, body, mind, and spirit. You embody this concept.

  4. You are welcome. But, please listen to these voices. Pursue the charcoal in a big way.

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