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Here is the new chemo hair! Claudine was kind enough to come over and cut it for me. For some reason during the treatments, I sweat a lot, and would wake up with a sweat soaked, smelly ponytail. The fatigue was making it hard to keep up with it so decided it needed to go! It has been many years since wearing it short, so I keep wondering who that person in the mirror is! LOL.

This week’s chemo was merciful! Monday after the three hour treatment, I came home with my pump, knew from experience that the first day is good because of the steroids they add. So I did not go home and pig out, LOL. Ate moderately, took nausea medication and went to sleep. Only had one little bout with nausea on Tues am, started the meds for the cramps, and went back to sleep. Pretty well slept through Friday morning with short breaks for food and meds. SO here I am the week is over, and I am feeling like Rip Van Winkle, LOL.

BCNHgThe rest has helped a lot, I actually worked on the Black Crowned Night Heron today, here is the update. Do not panic, I am just sketching in where water and grasses will be, it is pretty messy right now…but hey! I am feeling like doing art again!!!!! Whooooo Hooooo! Thanks for all those prayers, good wished and positive thoughts!

Comments on: "Chemo week or Rip Van Winkle?" (12)

  1. Love the new hairdo and love the heron!!

  2. Bert, you are an inspiration to us all. You go, you little Ever Ready Rabbit! Signed, Bert

  3. Arlene, you are beautiful in and out. Great new hairdo and an even greater fighting spirit. We are totally behind you! Love, Maggie-

  4. Oh my goodness, you’re so brave, strong, and really? You’re a rock star in my world. :0) The Night Heron is gorgeous! Wow, maybe you should consider keeping one version in monochrome. (This- from a person with the nickname of Monochromejunkie…heheh.) As I’ve said before, I love your attitude. I’ve never had chemo but I live with severe TMJ and debilitating migraines- pain and nausea are ways of life for me. Thank God for Phenergan, no? :0) I’ll be praying for you too- I really think you’re quite incredible- and I know you’re like, “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’m surviving.” But some people have already died- they merely exist inside of a shell, and here you are- supposed to be “dying” (so is the perception of some) and yet, you’re thriving. Not feeling like a champ, no- not always. But your spirit is soaring and that’s contagious. 🙂 I’e been sleeping in 15 hour stretches lately- I feel you. The pain is overbearing sometimes, but carry on we must. Hope your weekend is a great one! And so glad you’re doing your art again. xo

    • Thank you, I love doing black and white and try to mix them in regularly with the watercolors. All of the shading keeps me honest, LOL!
      So many people live with pain, and each of us has a choice of how much we let that effect our lives. I have fibro, migraines, and have tried to manage them and keep my life sane and normal as possible. Yes on Phenergan! But mainly YES to a life focused on creativity, random acts of kindness and senseless acts of joy! Thank you for the prayers and I will send them for you too! You are a hero too! Keep right on blogging, inspiring and doing what you do! I enjoy your blog!

      • YES to a life focused on creativity, random acts of kindness and senseless acts of joy! <<<<

        Definitely! That's the secret to a happy life. Hope your day is a great one. :0)

  5. p.s. You’re as cute as a button with the new hairdo! It totally works. :0)

  6. Judy Anthony said:

    Hi Arleenie,

    I really like your new “do.” Maybe you would like it in orange, Ms. Beanie (or pink or purple).

    I continue praying for you. I’m glad this is a rest week.

    Judy J

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