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So tomorrow, I am hanging my first solo show! It starts tomorrow and will run through the end of September. Then, September 3, we hang a two person show which will run through the end of November. Needless to say, I am up to my eyeballs in tape, paper, frames, mat board, drawings and paintings. In the meantime tomorrow, I also pick up the scan of “Bathing Beauty” and prints for my Kickstarter project, so will be up to the elbows in mailing supplies!!! And you wonder what I do in my spare time!!!!

So, here is the start of a new painting, hope to get it completed in time to send it to Loro Parque for the big parrot convention there! Thanks to Maik for the ref photos and permission to use them!


Spix Macaws


Comments on: "Phew! Life just gets busy sometimes!!!" (2)

  1. Looking good so far! A very big congratz to you on your first solo show. That’s terrific. Hope you have a great time. (Pictures. We want pictures!) ;0)

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