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Usually when you think of Blues, you think of sad times, but Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, Laney Rickman, when I think of Blues, I think of music and parrots! She is the head of a wonderful organization, the Bird Endowment, which has the awesome Mission of “Saving The Blues”.  Bird Endowment works with the Blue Throat Macaw, which is one of our most endangered macaws in the wild. To learn more about them, please check out their website:  – They have some great programs to help you get involved in Blue Throat Macaw conservation like the Nino Adoptivo program, you can actually sponsor a nest and help the propagation of the Blue Throat Macaw in Bolivia!

SO what does this have to do with I got the Blues again? My personal mission as an artist is to support Avian /Wildlife organizations who promote conservation, education, rehabilitation and research. SO I donate a few paintings to organizations to raffle, auction, raise money, or even just to raise awareness. Laney sent me a photo of the Blue Throat Macaw triplets and I could not resist, even though it has taken me some time to get to this project! I thought of a great name for the painting, Triple Time Blues, and so without further ado, here is the beginning of the WIP, the drawing. Hope you will follow along as this painting progresses!Triple Time Blues


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  1. I look forward to seeing more!

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