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'Too' Rare

“A Rare ‘Too”

OK, you guys…….where is my keeper? AM needing one about now, LOL! I thought this one was done, took it to the printer…..THEN just happened to see the blog and went OMG, the right side of the body and wings below the branch are not done! So called the printer and said, “Stop the presses, it is not done!!!” Luckily caught them in time, got this one back and finished it. Even Candy is saying to step away from the painting now.

Had a wonderful Saturday at Dana Park, painting outside Fuchsia. Got to meet a lot of new folks, get one painting done, and enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather. Also started another painting of a bobcat from photos we took the previous week at Bearizona. Ok, you can see it IF you promise not to let me take another unfinished painting to the printer! That means you need to pay attention! What!?!??!?!? I need to pay attention, how can you even suggest that!?!?!?!  Guess you did not read the blog about my lost mind…..of all the things I have lost it is the thing I miss the most! Oh yes, where was I…..posting the “Kitty” stalking me from under a log."Kitty"

BTW, I have to tell you, I have the best husband ever! Our anniversary was March 5, celebrating 31 years of marriage, and Hubby had to work OT because they are installing a new computer system. He had to be there over the weekend and until 10PM on our anniversary. So as you can probably figure out, I spent the day feeling bad that he had to work and yes, feeling a little bit of self pity. Since I have to get up early on Thursdays to go to Liberty Wildlife, I went to bed early, only to be awakened at 10 PM. It was Hubby with an anniversary gift. Well, as you can probably imagine, that woke me up in a hurry. Gift! Gift! Yeah! SO not only did he get me a NEW Canon EOS7D camera body, he got a 32 GIG SD card and an EXTRA battery! Talk about EXCITED! So now I have moved up in the camera world, and probably just have to take another photography class, LOL! Off to photo I go!


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