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Step away from the paper!

Step away from the painting!

Nothing like the Oscars to see how the “Rich and Famous” live… The gowns were gorgeous and it looked to me like plastic surgery gone amok! Wonder how far the skin can stretch – check out the aging Hollywood stars….. Hey, not me, I earned every gray hair and wrinkle, LOL! It is hard to imagine not being able to laugh and smile because your skin might pop. AND those are character lines NOT wrinkles! Signs of a life lived to the full! Loki, my Blue and Gold Macaw slavedriver, thinks everyone should have white wrinkled skin on their faces, among Macaws, it is a sign of beauty! Charlie the Hahn’s Macaw agrees, but now the conures are not up with that…they prefer white wrinkled skin around the eyes. A lovely eye ring is a sign of beauty to them. Tinkerbelle the parrotlet, says “the color Blue” is beautiful to her.

AND the winner is….YOU….. my dear blog reader, you get to see the finished painting! Hang on Loki, I am finishing up my blog, you want what……OK Charlie, I am coming….yes Sunny….Ok Tink……Um just a minute Birdie…..


Comments on: "And The Winner is….." (2)

  1. Beautiful! Winner of the Most Talented Bird Artist Award! Love your views on aging too! And I love being a slave to my four FIDS, keeps me happy and hopping!!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, even though I complain about being a slave, I love, love, love my FIDS! They definitely keep us happy and VERY busy!I am babysitting Ripley the African Grey for a couple of weeks, he is very entertaining. A lot more vocal than my guys, has a fabulous vocabulary, and he even whistles and sings. I am just worried about what he is up to when I am not here……maybe I should password protect my computer, LOL!

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