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Red Vented Cockatoo

Red Vented Cockatoo

Yeah! We had rain in Arizona yesterday! A little bit of hail too, but we survived one of our two or three rainfalls this year. We didn’t even melt….though some of my friends refused to get out of the car fearing they would melt…..just DID not happen. LOL, we still don’t quite know what to do when it rains here. Most Arizonans think rain is the signal to go out and DRIVE. Doesn’t matter where, just get out there and fill up those streets with traffic, so that anyone who really needs to get somewhere can NOT do so! Also we seem to think it is time to shop. We had to go run a couple of errands, and after finally realizing that the rain was not going to stop, we went to the grocery store….I think everyone in Arizona was in that store! SO while waiting to go to the store, I got some more work done on the Red Vented Cockatoo. For those of you who don’t have parrots, a lot of parrot people call cockatoos, “Toos”, I probably have told you that since I did the “Too” Much painting as a WIP on this blog, but you know I forget things, so you will have to deal with some repetition! Oh yes, I forget things, so you will have to deal with some repetition.

BTW, how are you guys liking the background? This one has been rattling around in my head for a while, so thought to try it out with this painting. Comments are appreciated. If I forget to get back to you right away, don’t worry, I will eventually remember to check for comments!

SO since the RV “Too” is native to the Philippines, I need to go research native trees of the Philippines to get ideas for the branch. See ya soon with the final!


Comments on: "Tea For “Too” or “Too” Much Drama?" (4)

  1. Hi Arlene,
    I’m glad you didn’t melt in the rain! I didn’t either. My Greys cannot STAND the rain. When it rains from the water sprayer, they try to bite it. When Merle is taken from car to house in a rainstorm (when she was in the NE with more frequent rain), she tried to DODGE the raindrops. Looked like dancing in the carrying case cage.

    BUT, Merle LOVES the word WATER. She used to call me “Sweet Maggie Waters.” One time I took her to Long Island for her 3rd year birthday. We spent time at the ocean to talk to the seagulls, by a pond to see the ducks, and at the sound to see more birds. When we were leaving, she said to me in a very contented voice, “Saw the Waters.” Never thought about this as water in plural. But to her, it was THREE different waters. It was a grey’t day!

    That’s a beautiful Red-vented Cockatoo! Can’t wait to see your final product!
    Maggie, Merle, Pea & Kyaaro

    • Hi Maggie!
      Loki does not like the rain either….she LOVES the shower, but does not like the rain….go figure on that one. LOL- I am laughing trying to picture Merle dodging rain drops!!! Too funny, those treys are full of personality! And so intelligent, of course!
      The air was so clean today, it was amazing. Have a “grey’t” rest of your day!

  2. Yep, I like the background… looking forward to the finished painting!

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