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Today, I was lost in thought……. must be related to the forgetfulness thing, LOL! Anyway, just started thinking about the saying “he is a half a bubble off”, and suddenly realized…I are one. Yup, like when you are young, you feel young, and don’t get it when old people say they are a young person trapped in an old body…. Then one day, you wake up old, and get it…  you are one. Well, I woke up today and realized that I am a half a bubble off from the rest of the world and finally realized it…. but I have to say it is a good thing when you are here. The rest of the world just doesn’t quite get you, BUT….hey it is OK. It means you are creative, march to the tune of your own drummer, and pretty much don’t get a lot of what is going on in the world. And that can be a really good thing. It allows you to have a sense of humor about yourself and be OK with being different. But not too different…just a half a bubble off, LOL! It is nice when you find things that allow you to be like the rest of the world too! I finally found a Starbucks drink that I like since I don’t drink coffee…. now I can meet my friends at Starbucks, have a drink that doesn’t have a thousand calories. Of course that would not be possible without Starbucks cooperation in finally coming up with a drink which uses stevia to offset those high fructose sugar calories! SO there must be someone else out there who doesn’t like coffee and can’t drink a truckload of sugar, LOL! That is what keeps me from being a whole bubble off.

SO what do bubbles and Red Vented Cockatoos have in common? I don’t know, but needed something to get back to the subject of the “Work in Progress”.  Am loving working on the negative painting. Also love finding the color in a white bird. The joy and challenge of painting.

Here is the latest! Enjoy!


Comments on: "Half a Bubble Off" (2)

  1. ALL creative, artistic people are “a half bubble off”. That’s what makes you beautifully wonderful! I, too, am not a coffee drinker, and remember my first time in Starbucks asking “what do you have that’s not coffee?” That day I met the vanilla bean frap. Whoa! From that day, I was addicted – once I got past the “I’ll have a small”. “That’s a tall”. “No, I want a small” “Yes, that’s a tall” volley of conversation.

    • If I did not gain ten pounds just looking at them, I would love to be addicted to Vanilla Bean Fraps! Especially with whipped cream! Alas! But I have gratefully accepted the refreshers, my fav is cool lime, but love the others too. Yes, what is that with the small not tall, tall not small thing. They did that SPECIFICALLY to confuse us! I just went right on past that little trap with “trente please!”.

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