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Or is it just me? Sometimes it feels like it, but there are so many sayings about getting older, that I have to have SOME company out there. I would show you what I am working on ….IF I could find it! Seems like I spend half of my life looking for stuff I have “LOST”. The other half of the time, I am trying to remember what I came into the room to do. By the time I backtrack all of my steps and do all of the stuff that I forget to do before getting there, I have even forgotten that I forgot……….hmmmmm……yup…..Ok, what am I forgetting???? Oh yes, I just found my drawing. A GREAT BIG and I mean BIG “Thank you” goes out to Dr. Todd Driggers. He let it casually drop that he had a Red Vented Cockatoo in his office… Of course as much as I love to paint endangered species, I started jumping up and down, saying, can I come see it, pretty please, pretty please? His office staff graciously accommodated us(well I HAD to take a friend, after all how many times do you get to see a Red Vented Cockatoo?) and let us go crazy taking photos. Now that I am caught up from Kickstarter and my commissions, thought I would take the time to try this little beauty. Oh, almost forgot to put the photo in!

Now if I could just figure out which side is left, and which side is right, we would be in business. Oh well, I would just probably forget anyway!


Comments on: "Anyone else out there getting old?!??!?!?" (6)

  1. Mary Ann A said:

    I have the same “symptoms”. I make jewelry and do bead embroidery and I keep buying the same supplies over and over. Can’t wait to see the Red Vented Cockatoo!

  2. Aha! Maybe that is why I have so much watercolor paper, LOL! I thought it was because whoever had the most art supplies won……

  3. Looking forward to seeing this painting come alive! If I can remember, that is…(LOL)

  4. Dina Neatherlin-Schiaffo said:

    Arlene you are so gifted. I love your artwork and the sayings that you come up with for your feathered and four legged friends. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

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