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Wilson's WarblerThe painting is progressing. As you can see there is strong lighting, but it is diffused and sent different directions because of the thickness of the foliage. You also might have noticed the little Warbler is in the middle of enjoying a nice lunch. Now, that is not a lunch I would enjoy, but he seems to be going after it with relish.

Even though I am blogging, we are far away from home on our yearly trip to Colorado to photograph anything that moves. We were going to go to Estes Park especially to photograph the elk. This vacation has been a lesson in flexibility! Estes Park is flooded, they are not allowing anyone in, except essential personnel. So we have rerouted to Durango, and have been taking landscape photos instead. Net we will go to Sedona for a day or two, then to Lakeside, and enjoy some of the beauties of our own state. Maybe there will be a couple of critter photos in the offing, but it is looking like landscape, LOL! SO only a couple more days of blessed cool, then it is back to the desert temps in the 100’s. Hey….that is why we live in Arizona! Excuse me a moment, I have a phone call from the parrots……..oh……they are wanting to know how come I left instructions for their nuts to be limited while I am gone…..OK guys, you are getting a little tubby, and I figured you would not scream at my son, he is following orders after all….what do you mean the cats are not on a diet…..they are not as tubby…..DO not eat the cat food…..Quit chasing them around the house….buzzzzzzz…they hung up on me! Guess I had better go check with the son and see if the house is still standing…….stay tuned!!!!!


Comments on: "Wilson’s Warbler" (1)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    I am relieved you were not at the flooded areas. Looking forward to see hoe this one develops.

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