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Blue JayThe Blue Jay painting is progressing. He is looking like a ghost with white eyes, but we will fix that soon! So stay tuned…….In the meantime, I have submitted a Kickstarter project to raise funds to scan the “Native Bird II” paintings, and to print cards and Giclées for this series. In addition to the three Jay paintings and the Woodpecker couple I am hoping to get in at least one Humming Bird and a Wilson’s Warbler to round out the collection. If the Kickstarter project is approved, I will be asking for all of your help and support. So sit back have some popcorn, a Mountain Dew, and you will be the first to get the latest breaking news.


Comments on: "Blue Jay……….Continued" (1)

  1. My health coach just questioned the snack list. As I carefully explained: Sometimes the audience gets bored with watching me paint, and food fights traditionally start at this time. I have had to curtail the snacks allowed, because veggies, especially tomatoes have a tendency to stain the painting if I happen to get hit by a stray missile, oops I mean piece of food. However, water is always allowed, since it is a watercolor painting. You know maybe the Mountain Dew is the cause of the food fights…………all that sugar and caffeine……….hmmmmmmmm………

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