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The colored pencil is making progress, the intention is to get familiar with the color palette, then to do a watercolor. In this WIP, you can see several stages of colored pencil work. The layering process, then the burnishing process. It is very time consuming, this piece is 16″x22″, and you can see I am only about halfway through the drawing.

Is the weather in your area crazy? It is here this year. Rain in Arizona, showing up almost weekly….what will be next, snow in Phoenix!?!?!?!? It can’t quite decide whether to be warm or cool. The birdies seem to be loving it, I hear lots of evidence of bird procreation starting out there! The towhees have been chirping like crazy, and I think I hear a tiny little cheep from the nest…the Curved Bill Thrasher was out there singing his head off the other day, the woodpeckers are drumming, and the mockingbirds are starting to sing their best. Looks like spring is trying to get started here.

Stay tuned!


Comments on: "Still horsin’ Around!" (2)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    Your new WIP is amazing.

  2. It DID snow in Scottsdale last week! The Still Horsin’ Around” demonstration is incredible. Keep it up!

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