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Meanwhile, back at the WIPS….

Mingus has eyes! And I have added the drawings of background trees and blooms, along with some shading to send his body back to add to the in your face attitude. Since we are still waiting on a special guest blog, won’t say TOO much about this little guy!RedFront3

Lots of work done on the Red Fronted Macaws, second macaw done, background in, branch almost done. This is turning into a mixed media piece, since the birds are done in colored pencil and the background which started as watercolor pencil, ended up being watercolor pencil and watercolor……just could not keep the Beenie out of the paint!  The reference photos for this piece were taken by Dan Lee (Dan the Bird Man). And am in contact with Mary Rose at Chirping Central to see about getting it raffled off to help raise money for Project Armonia. As details become available, will post them here!

Oops, read it wrong!!! Not accepted into the show, LOL, what a goof I am!

SO stay tuned, you never know what craziness will happen around here! Back to the drawing board!


Comments on: "Merrily we roll along……." (4)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    Sitting here in Jvlle Wellington enjoying a nice day and thinking of you at your drawing table. Hope it is a lovely day there as well.

  2. Mingus is really showing some attitude, looking great!

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