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The ayes have it, no make it eyes…….OK….the eyes are in, so it is ALMOST done! Just still playing around with the background and touching up details, LOL. Have you heard that one before? Will probably keep touching up until Candy yells at me to step away from the drawing!

Kickstarter Fans… still awaiting info from a few people, as soon as I get that info, the brochure and photos can be printed. So hang in there!!!

Bet you are wondering why it is so quiet here today, LOL. I just fed the flock and everyone is too busy pigging out to make much noise…..only sounds of happy little piggies with wings! They are all starting to chew like mad right now, so I am filling their cages with toys and paper. My floor looks like a Papier-mâché factory right now. The usual 4 sweeping/vacuuming’s a day are just not working, looks like 8 to 10 until the chewing subsides. Of course then the floor will be covered with down and feathers…….or food and nut hulls………hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what ever was I thinking, guess it never stops, LOL!

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