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This one is moving along pretty well…..OR……..I blinked again, LOL, not sure which! OK, so I was a little confused about the date, but my Kickstarter project closes today! I was only one day off. So am trying to sneak in a blog at the end of the week in case I am too busy putting rewards together and mailing stuff next week. I will try to take a little time off to finish Libby, because this is one of the projects that nags at me when I am not working on it. It calls my name and says, “Get back here to your desk and work!” Maybe that is one of the parrots! Whoever it is, wish they would quit nagging, LOL.

BTW, the weather here is GORGEOUS!!!! Finally cooled down into the 90’s yesterday, and today is in the mid 70”s. Some storm from California moved in, and cooled us down, we had a little rain, some nice breezes, the air is clean, and it is amazing. The birds are loving having all the doors and windows open and are looking to spending some outdoor time. The drawing is calling, so see you soon with the next installment!


Comments on: "Eagle Charcoal………cont." (4)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    Looking great!

    • Thanks Debi, how is the arm doing? Been attacked by any vicious sidewalks lately? I was attacked by one while walking, but luckily, George caught me! Hugs!

  2. I’m absolutely positive this is going to be one of my favorites, if not the favorite. That is heartbreaking and I’ll tell you why… there’s not a way in the world I could ever, ever, ever afford it… and even if I could, my dwelling would be so inferior to it, and it would take the national debt and some change to build a dwelling worthy of it. Okay, maybe some slight exaggeration there, but, to quote Jim Carey… I like it a lot!!

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