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A great BIG Congrats to Jan Strong, who won “Unforgettable”! Hope you love, love, love it! And Thank you to all who supported the Alex Foundation by purchasing tickets! They are grateful and the money will be put to good use!

Once again, I am coming to you to support a project, this time it is for my art budget. I have been approved for a kickstarter project to try to raise $500 to help with my expenses for the Arizona Native Bird Series. Still have to get one more painting done, then have the Giclees and cards printed. If you would like to see the project go to :

There you can choose the level of backing based on the AWESOME rewards I have put together for your support. Any amount will help! If you have an Amazon account, you are all set! With , the funding is all or nothing. If we raise the amount or more, I get the funding. If we do not raise the amount, everyone gets their money back. SO break out those piggy banks!!! You creatives out there might think about getting one of your projects funded there. If you do let me know!

In the mean time, I have started a new “hand” project, so next time you will be able to talk to the hand, LOL!


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