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First a BIG REMINDER! Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets for the Kakapo Painting. See, I knew you would forget! Go to and get buy lots of tickets to help support the Kakapo Recovery Project! You only have until August!!

The Cactus Wren painting is almost done, just need to finish off those pesky cactus thorns and do a little bit of shading. WOW has it ever been hot this week! If it doesn’t cool off soon, I think we are all going to melt! My sister is visiting from New Zealand, and they finally got thawed out about the end of last week, and I think they are starting to break out in a sweat. Not sure yet if it is sweat, or just the ice that finished thawing out. At any rate, they have just about had enough of the heat and we are all going to a family reunion in Colorado for a couple of days to cool off a little. Poor Jon has to stay home and feed the birdies. Maybe we will be nice and bring back a t-shirt for him!


Comments on: "Cactus Wren WIP……..almost done!" (1)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    I saw some of this work done in person, guess what? Arlene really does do the work herself!

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