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Another day, another WIP! Here is the start to my latest painting of a Cactus Wren. The plan is to do a few Arizona Native birds to have them ready for the fall shows. You know how plans around here have a tendency to go!!! Hubby is off on a work trip, so we are going to have Wednesday with Candy instead of Tuesday with Candy, so bring a snack and a folding chair tomorrow for a field trip!

On the way back from the airport, I am going to make a little art supply stop, so don’t tell anyone! This time it is just for fun – NOT because you know who chewed up my pencils and brushes! WAIT! NO! Sunny, Charlie, how did you guys get out??? What are you doing on my art desk? HEY!!!! those are MY pencils…………….my brushes!!!!………………SIGH……………..

OK……JUST don’t talk to the Cactus Wrens about modeling fees!!!! Off to the art store!



Comments on: "Cactus Wren Work in Progress" (2)

  1. Any excuse is a good excuse for new brushes 🙂

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