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So my first thought as I write this blog are: Do people really pay attention? Is anybody reading the blog?  Am I just sitting here entertaining myself? Will anybody ever comment? Did anybody notice that Communicating Hands WIP #1 is upside down? Does anybody really know what time it is?

Yes, those are some of the burning questions which plague me as I post this finale to the Communicating Hands WIP. Now if you have EVER read my blog, you would know that I have been accused of clowning around from time to time. Let me assure you, that it is purely accidental. I don’t set out to purposely live this Lucy Ricardo life. Things just happen. Now you must realize, that I go through life at 5 million miles per hour, with my hair on fire, so accidents will JUST happen. Ok, make it 2 and a half million MPH, since I am 49 years old again this year and am slowing down a little. But who will do all of these things if I slow down?

The good news is that I do have one of the answers to my barrage of questions…..the next painting is going to be a Cactus Wren! Hey that wasn’t one of the questions, Oh well….have a good week…….keep those cards and letters coming!


Comments on: "Communicating Hands WIP – Done for now!" (8)

  1. Absolutely AMAZING work, have loved following the process of this piece!

  2. Debi Bell said:

    Sometimes we are paying attention, but I did not know it was upside down. Having lived in New Zealand I have a whole different perspective on what is really upside down…

  3. Well done! I’m loving how your artwork progresses.

  4. Thanks Clouds! Wow Debi, you are really reading! Maybe you know what time it is??? Thanks Jessica

  5. Shirley Perkins said:

    Hi Arlene! I do read your blog and thoroughly enjoy it. I didn’t notice the WIP was upside down. I don’t really know what time it is… but maybe you should check with Chicago… surely they’ve gotten the answer by now. Another thing… I’m just about as 49 as you are, so maybe we’re twins! Perhaps not. Oh, well… sigh.

  6. Sarah said:

    I absolutely adore your artwork! I hope one day to be able to create pieces like yours. In the meantime I’ve nominated you for the “one lovely blogger” award. You can see it here Hello 🙂 I’ve nominated your blog for the lovely blogger award! See more at

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