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Love’s Offering

Ok, I have to step away from the drawing……….am calling it finished, even though I still keep finding cat hairs on it! Thought I had them all off, then took the photo, and guess what!!!!! Those cats… respect!!!! So this will be the second Companion piece to “Working Man’s Hands”, have already started the drawing on the next one. Right now have material for five, but I still have one or two more ideas, so do not know how many will go in this series. Hands are just so INTERESTING! SO think I will do at least one more in this series before  going back to the birds! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend AND DON’T FORGET to buy your raffle tickets for the Kakapo painting!

Don’t wait until the last minute and forget………now is the best time!


Comments on: "Hands WIP – Finished!" (4)

  1. Debi Bell said:

    Nice job on the painting. Love those hands.

  2. I’m loving the detail you’ve put into the hands. Great work. You should be very proud of yourself. I look forward to seeing the companion piece

  3. Shirley Perkins said:

    Ok, Arlene… it’s done. Three tickets and one is the winner!

  4. Thanks Debi! Hi jessica, will have an update on the new one soon! Whooo Hoooo Thanks Shirley, hope it is!!!

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