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This certainly went by fast! Maybe it was because I have been running at 5000 mph with my hair on fire, LOL! So when you click on it to view, please ignore the cat hairs…..that is why I said it is ALMOST done. I won’t go into a diatribe about cat hairs, so you can stick around for a few more minutes. Hey, don’t forget about the Kakapo painting raffle! Tickets are available on  They are only $1.00. Barbara Heidenreich’s Blue Fronted Macaw, Blu Lu, is going to draw the winning ticket at the AFA Conference in August. I know, you are waiting until the last minute to buy tickets, but get them now so you don’t forget to support this AWESOME project!!!! Meanwhile, I am going to put the hair fire out, OWWWWW, head burns……don’t forget…….tickets……..OWWWWW………AHHHHHH……..Phew, much better……Sunny, put the paint brush down……ARGH…..MORE cat hair….


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