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Why do cats have to walk on your keyboard just when you are trying to write a blog? Why do cats recognize the person in the room who is deathly allergic to them and then rub allllllll over that person? Why do the parrots love to chew on my brushes when I am trying to paint? Why do they LOVE to scream when I am on the phone? What is up with them chewing all of my jewelry, and any sequins, beads, or shiny stuff on my shirts? REALLY,  I love the critters, but HAVE to contemplate these issues. Sometimes I feel like the only person on the planet asking these types of questions………. then attend a bird event or an art event showing my bird paintings! It is east to spot the bird person! They see a painting, do a double take, then get a certain look on their face. It is a kind of smile, then the eyes roll, then a smile and a look of affection. As one bird person to another, YOU know the look! That starts the conversation. Christina Scherer and I had a booth at the Sunnyslope Art Walk this weekend, and we had quite a few of these conversations, which let us know that we are not the only crazy animal lovers on the planet! We heard stories of funny things birds say and do all evening. They are endlessly fascinating, and a great source of joy, even with all of the mess, destroyed clothing and ruined brushes and pencils!

So the painting of Sirocco is progressing, even with all of the work of putting an art booth together. It is nice to have more time to work this week, and hopefully you will see much more progress at the next session! Don’t forget, you can click on the photo and see a much larger version!!!! Back to the drawing…ooops…….painting board!!!!



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