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The Beenie came out to play in the paint today, so the background went in first. Luckily for you – it was a surprise visit from the clown, and I didn’t have time to invite you along.  Weellllll, Okay, maybe it wasn’t TOO much of a surprise, but I am still worried about that red in your hair that wasn’t there before the last Beenie background. So am a little hesitant to fill up the peanut gallery when the clown is throwing paint around. Oh, yes, of course you want to see, so guess we will just put in a photo of the WIP to date. The background was done on very wet paper, the clown just splashed red, yellow and green all over the place as you can see. Oh, you can’t see because the photo is not there yet….Ok, I am getting there….

OH, forgot to mention the first layer of the branches is down and a few of the foreground leaves are in. What….yes, I did get to the Art Supply store, you might want to wait for them to restock before you go there. Am having a few problems finding a place to hide….uh…I mean store art supplies. If hubby doesn’t see them, I didn’t buy them, right!

It is that time of the week again, time for a field trip, see you all bright and early in the morning to spend Tuesday with Candy!!!




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