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First, I have to Thank all of you for being on extra good behavior, we were able to go to Candy’s on Tuesday and paint without any mishaps! Candy and her kitty, Missy are doing well, no stains, scratches or gum in the fur incidents, LOL. SO the GHO Baby is coming along well. Oh you want to see, well……….Ok.

 You think he still looks like a GHOST! What do you expect for Halloween? We will get to the eyes, don’t worry, but first we have to get all of his little fuzzes in! Otherwise he will not look like the little nestling he is!

Now for the good news, The Crowned Crane Charcoal will be in the Az Artist Guild Juried Fall Exhibition being held for most of the month of November, any of you Phoenix Metro residents interested in attending can check out the details on my webpage,  – all of the pertinent details are posted on the home page.

The Audubon Society is holding a juried show, “Gifts From Nature”, and yours truly was juried in! Once again all you Phoenix Metro residents can check out the details on and attend November 12 or 13! Hope to see you there!

SO back to work on the GHO Baby, be back soon with another update!


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