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The tooth is finally settled down, now for the adventure of getting a crown put on. As you probably noticed, it is kind of hard to paint with a toothache, it is even hard to blog with an aching tooth, well hopefully we are back in the saddle. Oh…yes….this is supposed to be about finishing “Birdie”….well if you insist, back to the subject at hand, I mean wing, uh……whatever. Ok, as you can see…Oh yes, you can’t see until I put the photo up. Hang on just a sec:

You can click on the photos to see them a little bit bigger.(I know, you are asking me why I didn’t tell you this at the beginning of the blog, just go back and look at them again.) OK, here we are. As you can see, I have done some more negative painting in the crevice shadows with cool colors to push the shadowed areas back, and have highlighted some areas with warm colors to pull them forward, so hopefully Birdie is taking a little more shape. Now he is pretty much finished. However, there is one  final step of this whole painting process. I set the painting where Beenie and I  can see it frequently while doing various chores, and let the painting sit for a few weeks, and see if anything jumps out at us that needs to be done. Hey, this is the most important step, you never know what you have missed, and it kind of seeps on the back burner of the sub conscious area of the brain, and sometimes there is a little flash of insight into  one little change that could improve the painting. So Birdie goes on the back burner for now. Hope you have enjoyed this Artistic journey with us. Those of you who did not read the rules have become a little more colorful with the red splotches in your hair, but the rest of you seem no worse for the wear!

Onward to the next painting, the subject this time will be a baby owl that came into Liberty wildlife this year during orphan care. Luckily, he was put right out with foster parents and has been released back into the wild. So we should not have any issues with lawyers, strikes, and such since he was on the other side of the property away from the ravens and crows. And as far as I know he had no contact with parrots. That darn parrot union!


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