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SO today we pick up the paper, paint, brushes and go to Candy’s house. Yup, it is a date,every week on Tuesday, we go to Candy’s house to paint. You didn’t know that  painting is such a social activity, did you? Taken any classes lately – it is a highly social event this painting activity!

We will miss the sounds of the zoo, but NOT to worry, we will still have cat hair. Now while visiting my studio, you will notice black and white long hair from our Tuxedo Kitty, along with short red hair from out Rusty Cat. At Candy’s house, Missy, the resident feline, provides a variety of colors of medium hair. Once again , if scientists could harness the sticking, floating, ubiquitous properties of cat hair, just think of the advances in technology! It boggles the imagination.

Meanwhile, back at the WIP, I have continued with the negative painting up near the eyes, then, Taaaa Daaaaa, we finally get to do some positive painting. The beak and top of head provide plenty of opportunities for positive painting, and we are getting close to dessert! Yes, I love to save the eyes for as long as possible, since they are my favorite part to paint, and if they are not right the whole painting goes out the window!  Let me exercise my psychic powers here and venture to guess that you are thinking, “What a dope! If the eyes are wrong and the painting gets tossed, she did so much work, why not do the eyes first.” Well, you are right. But just look at all of the practice I got while working on rest of the painting, and look at the pressure it puts on me to get the eyes right. And it did give you time to make some popcorn, have a couple of food fights, and make fun of me, so we all win! OK, guys, let’s pack up and head back to my studio. Bye Candy, see ya next week.  What? It wasn’t me, I was painting. WHO spilled the red Koolaid all over the floor. ARGH! Who gave Missy chewing gum? NO, I did not bring purple taffy. Yes, they follow me everywhere while I am blogging, I can NOT be held responsible for their mess. You don’t want us to come back next Tuesday?!?!?!!??!






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