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Meanwhile, back at the ranch….I mean Blog……as you can see, the WIP is continuing. Same ole, same ole, more negative painting, more washes on the feathers.  See,  I told you this would get boring, and of course, since we took a break, no one remembered to bring snacks and drinks. Don’t look at me, all I have is bird seed and nuts.  You really didn’t expect me to paint and provide snacks for you did you? No you cannot have Loki’s pistachios, we need them for clicker training, no you can’t have the bird’s almonds and walnuts, Charlie might decide that we don’t need visitors and take a little nip at you. Since my family has nicknamed him “Hannibal the Cannibal”, he takes particular pride in being the “Guard Bird” of the flock. Now the birds might be willing to share their pellets, oh you think you will pass….OK. Well, take a look in the fridge and see if there is anything there, but I think you will be out of luck. It is filled with pellets, seed and nuts, and what human food was in there has probably been consumed by my perpetually hungry son. What it is it with sons? They are as skinny as rails consume 300 million calories a day and never gain weight! I gain lbs just watching him eat. Oh yes, there is some cat food, can’t forget about the feline members of the family!

You think it sounds like a zoo here, well it is a little noisier than usual, we have a guest with us until Tuesday. Meet Ripley, the African Grey. The “meowing” you hear along with all of the sound effects are coming from his cage. Yes, I know Rip, Mikey likes it! Yes you are a good boy, oops is that the dryer, or Ripley, is that the real microwave, or is it Ripley again? At least I am getting my exercise going around rechecking the appliances. Oh yeah, the microwave is off. The dryer is on though, so better check on it. See ya for the next installation of “Birdie’s WIP”!


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