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Now for a word from our sponsors…….oops, ya caught me watching TV, but not to worry, even after a full morning of volunteering at Liberty Wildlife I managed to get some work done on Birdie. Well, Ok, not on Birdie, but on the painting of Birdie. SO where were we, Oh yes, after finishing some negative painting to form the feathers, I have gone back in with positive painting and filled in some edge color and a few washes over the feathers. This part of the painting is all done wet on dry, which just means I painted on dry paper. When we get to the wet on wet, it gets really messy, so I will remind you in advance to bring umbrellas, raincoats, or some kind of protection for your clothing.

Some more random bird trivia, did you know that some birds have crop milk? Doves, Pigeons, Flamingos and Emperor Penguins all produce crop milk for their chicks. Of course it is not like mammal milk since birds are lactose intolerant.

Let’s see, we should deal with the mail before going much further. Thank you Dina for the nice comments……. I won’t tell anyone you are my cousin, or that I paid you to comment. Thank you Candy for the encouraging words………. I won’t tell anyone you are my cousin, or that I paid you to comment. Debi, what do you mean you did not throw popcorn at me, Oh, right, you would never waste good food by throwing it at me. Then what was that you threw….spit balls….. aaaaaaaarrrrgh… EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW. That is worse than being kissed by your sister, germs!!!! Ugh!!!! I paid you to say nice things, Oh……yeah, I didn’t pay you because you are my sister. What do you mean I paid my cousins so I should pay you to make nice comments? Birdie…..I am not going to pay you for modeling for me…….what do you mean I paid Charlie and Sunny to model….I did not, they work for peanuts!


Comments on: "First WIP…..still continued" (4)

  1. Dina Neatherlin-Schiaffo said:

    Ha ha…yes you paid me well. I’m using the bird seed to make granola bars 🙂

  2. If you knew how much bird seed costs these days you would be sprouting it for your garden! Hmmmmmmm, did I see a few little pieces of Granola bar mixed in with the spit wads in my hair?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. This sure is a surprise Arlene.. Everything you do, you do well including WIP Blog.. Sure glad you are going over to Candy’s on a weekly Visit.. We need to get togather for more photoshoots if you ever get the time.. Take care my friend

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