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Hey, I might not have to actually write for a few years, this is another one from 2008:
Wellllllll….as it was the day for our weekly shower, it occurred to me that not many people take a shower with their birds. SO just thought I would share a little from the experience. The first few times I took Loki, my Blue and Gold Macaw into the shower, I had delusions that I could just go in , get her wet, get out and my hair would be safe, dry, and it would not take very long. Little did I know!!!! Macaws, being of a playful nature, loooove water! Loki runs up and down my arm, gets under the water, gets wet, then runs out to the end of my arm and flaps her wings and shakes all of the water off, all the while laughing in my voice as loud as she can. This of course, causes me to laugh, and anyone listening in would think there are two crazy women in the shower…..This continues for 15 min to half an hour, depending on how long my arm holds out. Try standing with your arm straigt out, having 2.2 lbs of wild and crazy bird moving up and down your arm and see how long you can last! In the meantime, the little guys are on their shower perch waiting their turn. Loki goes on her shower perch, while the little guys play in the water. They sit on my hand and splash and flap and do really funny things with their tails. When everyone is soaked like drowned rats, they all go back to their playstands and preen themselves until they are dry, and they all take a nap. Well, me, ………..I get to clean up the bathroom!!!


Comments on: "Showering with the birds" (2)

  1. I never shower that way with my birds,but I would go out to where their cages were and put the mist on them and watch them all enjoy it, I would be soaked by the time I was through, but we all had so much fun, watching rosebud and pepper, our goffins play in the clear class water dish was especially fun to watch.

    • My birds are inside, they bathe in their water dishes, but it is to messy to mist them, they make enough of a mess as it is, LOL! That is why I take them in the shower, at least the mess is contained.
      Isn’t it amazing how much birds love water! I see the grackles playing in the water anytime there is a puddle. At Liberty Wildlife, the birds seem to love playing in their water dishes on the coldest day of the year. I will never forget one year we had out foster peregrine falcon inside with bumble foot in January. We were freezing, wearing our jackets, and she started playing and bathing in her water dish, pretty soon every bird in ICU was taking a bath and playing in their water….it was just TOOOOO funny!

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