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This is a discussion on FB from  June 2010, must have been in a goofy mood that day!

I have noticed others who sit around and think on esoterica, pondering the deeper meanings of life. For example one of my friends wonders: if buttered toast always lands face down and cats always land on their feet, what would happen if you strapped a piece of buttered toast on a cat’s back, then dropped it… personally, I think people should direct their thoughts and energy to more practical things, things that could change the human race.
First, I would like to see scientists study the properties of dried bird poop, specifically the property that renders it harder than any substance on earth. People who wash cars know what I am talking about! SO does anyone who shares any type of space with a bird. Walls, floors, cages, and bird stands, having to be power washed and scrubbed with diamond studded sandpaper to get them clean!
AND for you cat lovers – how can cat hair be lighter than air? Anyone out there with a long haired black cat – you know what I am talking about.
Just imagine if the thinking minds of this planet could make a substance as hard as dried bird poop, it could cut diamonds! And a ubiquitous substance that defies gravity like cat hair, imagine, it could change space flight as we now know it!

Hmmmmmm….maybe I should just stick to painting!

Comments on: "Random Thoughts, another oldie, but goodie from FB" (2)

  1. Dina Schiaffo said:

    Thank you for laughs! It seems to me that you might be next great inventor! At the very least you’ve made my day and got me to thinking!

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