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Ok, so I am a little bit absent minded! Well, my kids would call it dingy or newbish… I have capes to catch the bird poop, but when a Sun Conure is screaming, the phone is ringing, and dinner is burning – sometimes ya just gotta grab the bird to shut him up – so you can get the phone, or turn the burner off. So who has time to remember to grab the cape???? Ok, so it is not always that bad, but it happens! Anyway a few months after I became a bird owner, my family started “poop checks”. They will not walk out of the house without checking my shoulders and back for telltale green spots. However, I still am allowed out by myself occasionally – so who has time to do a check, when you are making sure the birds are back in their cages, the phone is ringing, the kids are asking you to stop at the store and hubby is asking you to make another stop???? So there have been many times I arrived home, just to notice the poop on my clothes. Not to mention the days that I volunteer at Liberty wildlife – we won’t even go there about how frightened birds leave signs!!! SO I just HAVE to wonder – what do people think when they see me walking around with various green and brown spots on my clothes?????
I should get a t-shirt that says – In every bird owners life – Poop happens!


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