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OK, so to start out, I am being a little lazy, but some of these discussions need to be reposted just so I don’t have to get back up on the soap box, LOL.

Originally posted Sept 2008:

Normally I paint birds, especially raptors and parrots. During a fundraiser for Liberty Wildlife, the President/CEO of the Phoenix Zoo bought one of the prints we were selling of “Whoooo R U?” He liked my work and as a result of our conversation, I was asked to do a painting for the silent auction coming up in October. If you take a look at the website it is now listed under Peek-a-Boo Babies. The Orangutan enclosure at the zoo was great when first built in the 80’s, but we now know it is inappropriate for their needs, and they are very stressed out and need a new enclosure. As I was taking the reference photos, I could see how stressed they were and the real need. Kasih, the baby, was the only active orangutan, the others hid behind their palm leaves and it was just sad.
Sometimes zoos are the only opportunity for urban dwellers to see these creatures and learn of their plight in the larger world. So these guys have helped in my education – and now I am aware of their existence and their problems in the global sense. It is so sad to see such intelligent creatures become almost extinct. Humans are responsible for their problems – and we have to be the solution. I can’t slog around in the jungles and do that part of the work – BUT I can use my talents to raise awareness and money – I can find responsible organizations to donate that money to, and I can and do volunteer in my own area at a wildlife rehab facility.
We each have a way to contribute and to be a part of the solution.


As a footnote to this, the Orangutan enclosure has been completed – Awesome!!!!


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